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Acology Inc – ACOL

Acology, translated from ancient Greek, means “the science of remedies”. Acology, Inc.® markets and sells the TSOS Container™. This container is the first-ever polypropylene air-tight, water-tight, smell-proof delivery and storage container with a built-in grinder. It is manufactured from medical-grade No. 5 polypropylene resin, which is non-porous and non-leaching. These containers are portable and affordable.

These containers give consumers the ability to easily store, carry and grind herbs and herbal remedies, medicines, teas, and other solids or liquids without cross-contamination or leakage.


The Medtainer is versatile in it’s design, being able to traverse numerous consumer needs on the go. Through the product’s ability to embody both air-tite & grinding capabilities, we are able to transcend various markets and expand its everyday uses. Although originally engineered as a solution to break down medication for the needs of Pediatric and Geriatric patients, The Medtainer has now been adopted as an application into markets/industries such as tea, culinary , coffee , pharmaceuticals & veterinary medicine.

The Company intends to develop, market and sell other plastic container products.

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Daniels Corporate Advisory Co Inc – DCAC

Daniels creates and helps finance the implementation of corporate strategy alternatives for the mini-cap public or private company client. Through the full-time efforts of its senior management and the call up of members of its independent contractor specialist network, depending upon the assignment and its complexity, Daniels provides an outsourced talent pool of senior level executive with visionary talent on an affordable basis for the mini-cap company. The client pays a reasonable cash up front retainer, work-in-progress retainers and a final cash retainer determined by advisory assignment /implementation results.

Daniels aim is to work with client senior management to better understand the clients objectives and then to create and provide the client with multiple corporate strategies /opportunities for acceleration of growth that are unique and appropriate including joint-ventures, marketing opportunity agreements and/or a variety of potential acquisitions structured in LBO format. The most promising of these client opportunities will be financed by Daniels directly and/or through joint-venture with members of its capital referral network; within a deal structure not seriously dilutive to existing equity. This process presents the client with the option of entrance into new recommended market niches or unique ways of furthering expansion in existing niches. The optimum deal structure for the best business alternative, whether generic or acquisitive in nature, to accelerate growth is designed specifically to limit the amount of time necessary for the client to achieve the necessary financial criteria for listing on a Major US Stock Exchange, (American/Small Cap NASDAQ).

The Goal: Within fourteen to twenty-four months from commencement of a Corporate Strategy Assignment, financial results should be forthcoming and recorded in SEC Filings, a highly-credible, expanded Board and Senior Management Team assembled and the Exchange listing process guided to completion, all by Daniels.


• Growth Acceleration Strategies for the Start-up and Early-Stage Development Company

• Private or Public companies; well focused Business Model and Management Team

• Cost-Effective, Independent Contractor Talent Pool for all Management Disciplines

• Professional teams tailored to specific client needs

• Visionary ideas created for expansion of client Business Model

Upon Board Approval of Business Model adjustments, advisory findings implemented with in-house capital

• Start-up client has the potential to be valued as a public company, with stock market multiple valuation, and not as a private company


The capabilities of Daniels are many and concentrated in all the senior management disciplines. Corporate Strategy Teams of independent contractor visionaries with significant senior executive and operating management experience are formatted by Daniels to fulfill the specific needs of every assignment. Our teams are deployed and work to develop and execute a revised game plan for the client that is jointly-developed through constant interaction with their senior executives and operating management. Redeployment of assets and cash flows are usually in order, to affect the recommended expansion of the client’s Business Plan/Model. Our findings/conclusions/recommendations are a consensus; incorporating the views of Daniels’ senior management, the independent contractor strategists and client’s senior management and Board. Daniels concentrates on growth acceleration in a specifically chosen industry/market niche through a variety of novel approaches and structures including sales agency agreements; Levered acquisition/merger transactions, and joint-venture marketing opportunities, just to name a few.


• The capabilities of Daniels are many and concentrated in all the senior management disciplines;

• Our teams are deployed to develop and execute a revised game plan for the client;

• The revised plan is jointly-developed through constant interaction with senior executives and operating management

• Recommendations are a consensus; the views of the independent strategists and client senior management and Board • Consideration is given to a variety of novel approaches including sales agency agreements; Levered acquisition/merger transactions;

• Candidate selection risk is limited; those candidates chosen are primarily new product additions to a successful, existing product mix. A foreign manufacturer can launch a new product addition specifically designed/chosen for U. S. Distribution through a jointly financed and managed Sales Agency. Daniels becomes their presence in the US market place by providing talent for concentration in its recommended market niches.

• Start-up client has the potential to be valued as public company, with stock market multiple valuation, and not as a private company.

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Medican Enterprises Inc – MDCN

Corporate Overview

Investing in Evidence-based Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Medican Enterprises Inc. is a bio-pharmaceutical company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. The Company is at the forefront of wholesale medical marijuana (“MMJ”) production, cultivation, and wholesale distribution of cannabis related products.

Through joint ventures with development partners all over Canada and the United States, Medican builds and operates Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Research Centers—that use cutting edge pharmaceutical and agricultural technologies. Learn more about medical marijuana cultivation.

Uniquely Positioned in the Medical Marijuana Industry

Medican is the industry standard for pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana production, cultivation and distribution

With strong operational experience, a significant focus on R&D, and financial expertise, Medican is strongly positioned capitalize on the medical marijuana market opportunity.

This will be achieved through:

  • Standardized high-quality product
  • Rapid rollout of cultivation sites – 1ST Mover advantage
  • Scalable business model
  • Existing wholesale distribution channel
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    STW resources holding corp – STWS

    Executive Summary: STW Construction

    STW Oilfield Construction, LLC is a joint venture between STW Resources Holding Corp. (51%), Black Pearl Energy, LLC (49%). STW Oilfield Construction has assumed the operations of the former Black Wolf Resources; through this transition, STW has maintained employee and customer integrity and expects little to no interruption of business and a seamless transition for employees.


    Our construction services include site work and environmental remediation for exploration and production of oil and natural gas projects. STW Oilfield Construction provides pad/land clearing, excavating/grading, frac pond construction including liners and evaporation covers, along with road-way and pad construction for exploration and production of oil fields. We also provide environmental remediation for oil field locations, frac ponds, reserve pits, tank batteries, and oil based cuttings.

    Current customers include Apache, Devon, Cimarex, Concho, WT Offshore, Crossfoot, and Enervest while we are currently bidding on jobs with Pioneer, Shell, Oxy, BHP, RSP Permian, Fasken, Anadarko, and others.

    STW Oilfield Construction provides complementary services to customers of STW Resources Holding Corp.’s core business lines, creating a “one stop” oilfield services company.

    Growth and Additional Revenue Sources:

    STW is positioned for immediate growth, through the long-standing relationships with Oil and Gas Producers as well as equipment operators; STW is poised to add additional crews, which increases margins through efficiencies and volume. A major operator has already commented that he can keep two sets of crews busy. We also have skilled personnel reaching out to us for employment opportunities, where they are treated as valuable personnel and not as an asset.


    Our field supervisors each have 15+ years of experience in oilfield and drill site construction; our crews are hand-picked, with at least 10 years relevant experience. STW has created a work environment that fosters employee loyalty by providing benefits including health insurance, workers compensation, paid time off and a profit sharing program.

    Health and Safety:

    At STW, Health and Safety (H&S) are company imperatives that start with absolute commitment at the top management level, and permeate every facet of the organization. Our commitment to our employees and our clients is to provide a safe work environment that is free of recognizable hazards, and to conduct safe and environmentally responsible operations.

    Invoice Process:

    The Salesman/Supervisor will be the point of contact for the oil and gas operator’s field supervisor, who is responsible for the assignment of the work and the signing of the field ticket upon completion of the job. The field ticket will consist of the bid work and the hourly work at previously agreed rates. Field tickets are signed in duplicate (carbon copy) with copies for the operator and service provider. The signed field ticket is then submitted to the operator’s accounts payable department for payment. Payments will be made typically in 45-60 days.

    About STW Resources Holding Corp. Services

    Oil & Gas Industry: Reclamation of produced and/or flowback water. Removal systems for contaminants in source waters. Owner-operator model with per-barrel charge revenue stream.

    Brackish Water Facility: Process brackish water to specifications necessary for use in the well drilling and completion processes. Owner-operator model with per-barrel charge

    Integrated Systems: Consultation on the design and construction of water reclamation systems and ancillary equipment. One-time sales fee model, recurring revenue stream based on contract.

    Municipalities: Consultation and Build-out of large-scale desalination projects, including well development of on-site brackish water sources and evaporation ponds. Recurring fee-based revenue stream.

    Salt Water Disposal and Fresh Water Facilities: Implementation of disposal site processes and technologies to reclaim produced/flow back water and/or brackish water for reuse. Partnering model for disposal and reclamation with per-barrel rates for both disposal and reclamation.

    Rig Wash: Removal of oil and diesel residue on drilling rigs prior to transit over private and public roads and highways. The process has multiple revenue sources, including the rig cleaning, roll-off trailer rentals, and transportation of wash-off to a designated facility. The company will realize revenues from cleaning drilling rigs to meet environmental regulations for transportation over private and public roads and highways.

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    E-Waste Systems, Inc – EWSI

    E-Waste Systems, Inc. (OTCQB:EWSI), through its subsidiaries and affiliates, offers customized end-to-end solutions in IT Asset Recovery, E-Waste Management, and Electronics Reverse Logistics.

    Leveraging its affiliates’ complementary geographies, technical capabilities, and strong supplier relationships, EWSI expands the services offered to customers, cross-fertilizes best management practices, streamlines logistics, aggregates volumes, and invests in cutting-edge recycling technologies.

    Their Focus:

  • Leadership in safe, compliant, and ethical e-waste disposal
  • Global delivery of services
  • Application of state-of-the-art technology and engineering
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    Far East Energy Corp – FEEC

    FEEC began operations on December 31, 2001. The company’s early efforts focused on the evaluation of domestic and global opportunities to develop natural gas and coalbed methane (CBM) natural gas properties.

    Upon the completion of substantial examination and due diligence for CBM opportunities, FEEC, on January 25, 2002, entered into two Product Sharing Contracts (PSCs) with China United Coalbed Methane Company, Ltd. (CUCBM), which has exclusive authority over all coalbed methane gas in China. FEEC and CUCBM will jointly explore, develop, produce and sell CBM in a total area of 1,073 square kilometers, in the Enhong and Laochang areas of Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China. It is estimated by the Yunnan Provincial Coal Geological Bureau that the joint venture area contains total gas-in-place in excess of 5.3 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of methane gas. FEEC has the right to earn a minimum of 60% interest in the joint venture (with CUCBM having the election to participate and share in costs and production up to 40%).

    On June 17, 2003, FEEC acquired its preeminent holdings, obtaining two farmout agreements from ConocoPhillips China Inc., covering over one million acres in the Shanxi Province of Northern China.

    Based on estimates by ConocoPhillips China Inc. (Phillips) and Yunnan Provincial Coal Geology Bureau all of FEEC’s project areas in China combined potentially contain 21.3 Tcf to 29.2 Tcf of original gas-in-place. This estimate includes the estimate by NSAI of OGIP in the Shouyang PSC. We received final approval of the farmout agreements from the Ministry of Commerce in China in March 2004 and we are now proceeding with drilling and development programs.

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    Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. designs and develops high performance integrated circuits, modules, subsystems for military defense systems, homeland security, and wideband communications systems. The company offers multi-band phased array antennas, T/R modules, wideband transceivers, diplexer/multiplexer networks, electronically steered antennas, and wideband RF antenna systems covering the frequency range from UHF to 40 GHz for high data rate multi-point communications, mobile communications, and wideband tracking radar and sensor systems. In addition, Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. specializes in solving unique problems through custom designs to meet the special requirements for sophisticated antenna systems.

    Breakthroughs in Technology

    The major technology breakthroughs resulting in the circuits and subsystems with increased bandwidth and efficiency have been accomplished under a number of Department of Defense Phase I and Phase II SBIR contracts including:

    •Multi-band Phased Array Antenna Technology for Global Communication Systems, sponsored by USASMDC. Contract Number DASG60-03-C-0082.*

    •Small size, multi-frequency and multi-beam phased array antenna, sponsored by USAF, Wright-Patterson Lab. OH USAF Contract: F33615 – 99 C -1406.*

    •Multi-band Air Defense/Air Search Radar. Contract Number M67854-04-C-2003

    •Microwave power transfer using microwave integrated circuit
    technology, sponsored by NASA Johnson Space Center.*

    •Alternate power sources for aerostats, sponsored by DARPA.*

    •Quasi-optical power devices sponsored by the U.S. Army.*

    •Space power and propulsion technology, sponsored by USAF, Phillips Lab.*

    •Advanced rectenna technology for space power, sponsored by DARPA.*
    * ADTI owns the technology developed under RST Scientific Research, Inc., which was the company under which these contracts were awarded.

    Important Technological Developments

    The major technology breakthroughs resulting in the circuits and subsystems with increased bandwidth and efficiency have been accomplished under a number of Department of Defense Phase I and Phase II SBIR contracts including:

    1. Transceivers to transmit at 10, 19, and 32 GHz and receive at 12, 21, and 35 GHz

    •The entire system is full-duplex so that the transmit and receive links operate simultaneously using the same antenna array.

    •The system architecture developed allows the entire phased array to operate using a single low-loss broadband phase shifter.

    2. Multi-band phased array radar prototype operating from 3 to 20 GHz.

    •The new phased array technology provides significant reduction in DC power consumption, size, volume and cost. The technology enhances system efficiency, reliability and c ompactness.

    •The technology was developed in collaboration with Texas A&M University and demon strates electronically beam scanned antenna arrays in 2-D planes at X-band (8 to 12 GHz) in AZ and EL planes, and beam scanning capability from 8 GHz to 35 GHz.

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    InferX is a leading provider of next generation Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions for the financial services, healthcare, and government enterprises. Our solutions include a wide variety of innovative and necessary solutions, such as healthcare fraud mitigation, financial services risk management and complex intelligence analysis in the government sector. Our solutions are designed with our client’s business goals in mind.

    InferX achieves all of this without the need to move data or create costly data warehouses. Through broad, diversified market adoption of its predictive data analytical solutions, InferX plays a critical role in promoting the safety and security of our nation’s assets and its citizens, while also empowering commercial enterprises with the knowledge and material insight necessary to maximize profits. Our patented and patent-pending products simultaneously analyze data in multiple remote locations with disparate formats without the need to move the data to a central data warehouse, thereby preserving the privacy and security of the data.

    Since inception, InferX has evolved from a leading technical, database research and development firm to its current position as a developer of the next generation predictive analytics technology. Predictive analytics helps organizations/businesses make better decisions by providing empirical, objective and consistent method of evaluating transactions, customers, or shippers in this context — and doing it at high volumes using disparate and geographically dispersed enterprise databases. These models are often “behavioral” because they may be used to predict future behavior of account or customer in regard to, for example, likelihood of fraudulent behavior. By enabling organizations/companies to instantly differentiate between desirable and undesirable business, predictive models allow them to control the level of risk they are willing to assume and actions to increase profitability.


    InferX and its predecessor Datamat Systems Research, Inc. have been in business since 1992, originally as a professional services research and development firm, specializing in technology for distributed analysis of sensory data relating to airborne missile threats under contracts with the Missile Defense Agency (”MDA”) and other Department of Defense (”DoD”) contracts. InferX Delaware was formed in 1999 to commercialize Datamat’s missile defense technology to build applications of real time predictive analytics. InferX and Datamat were merged together in August 2006 to deploy business solutions with technologies in advanced predictive analytics solutions, corporate performance management, dashboard deployment and systems engineering.

    SOURCE: http://www.inferx.com/company.htm

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    Paw4manc Pet Products – PAWP

    Toronto, Paw4mance® Pet Products International Inc. (OTC Pink: PAWP) (The Company) having successfully achieved DTC-ELIGIBILITY and the Company’s access to the financial markets restored, the Company continues to execute its restructuring plans.

    To ensure the success of the restructuring, the Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Dennis dos Santos as the Company’s new Interim President and Director. His responsibilities are first and foremost to reorganize the Company by providing strategic, financial and operational leadership and to seek out new funding for the Company.

    Mr. Dennis dos Santos, P. Eng., has an undergraduate degree in Engineering (Concordia University of Montreal) and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA). Mr. dos Santos has extensive capital markets experience as a ranked analyst for a number brokerage firms, including RBC Capital Markets. He held the role of Head of Research at Northern Securities where he led the firm’s expansion of its coverage and banking activities within the retail, resources and other sectors. Prior to his decade-long investment banking career, Mr. dos Santos spent more than 10 years as a practicing Engineer for various companies, including 7 years at CP Rail.

    The Company’s Business:

    Paw4mance® Pet Products International Inc., through its subsidiary, distributes treats, toys, accessories and hygiene products. Paw4mance® was founded in 1993, to develop and distribute a naturally preserved (chemical free) holistic high end kibble free of artificial flavours, colourings, and purposely added fillers that offers superior value than current brands on the market. Originally based in Ontario Canada, 2011 marks the Company’s expansion into the United States as well as other key markets. Currently, the Paw4mance® umbrella contains and operates the following brands: Paw4mance® holistic pet food (available in Canada) and the soon to be released MOJO® brand of holistic pet products. With several brands, products and services currently in development, the Company is striving to position itself as a global leader in the Pet food and pet services industry

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    Kallo Inc – KALO

    Kallo Inc. improves the quality and efficiency of care, providing centralized congruent solutions that address healthcare and business issues for physicians, hospitals, healthcare organizations (government or private) and Ministries of Health.

    Kallo tailored solutions provide efficient delivery of healthcare services. Our technologies complement existing infrastructure, workflows and processes increasing uptime and productivity.

    All our Clinical Solutions comply with international, national, and regional standards. Our stringent quality control ensures repeatable, process-driven delivery for maximum performance.
    The leaders of Kallo have rich and diverse industry knowledge, delivering an unprecedented level of commitment and value to our customers and shareholders. These remarkable people reflect the strength of our global network and the diversity of our global culture. They have a special responsibility to act with integrity, accept accountability, insist on excellence, support innovation and lead by example.

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