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Vapor Hub International Inc – VHUB

Vapor Hub International is dedicated to deliver a superior and distinctive E- cigarette brand through leading online and retail distribution all supported through low-cost infrastructure, quality production and efficient supply chain systems all geared towards to driving significant value for its shareholders.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship with all our business partners – employees, franchisees, suppliers and customers. Our mission is to become a market leader in the emerging cigarette and “vaping” industry and, in doing so, create value for all shareholders.

Here in California if we don’t like something -we change it – It’s just how we do things. It’s the reason Kyle Winther manufactured his first Mod, and why Vapor Hub Group has made a promise to deliver only the best quality California manufactured products that reflect a quality craftsmanship that goes into each of our original American made Vape Mechanical Mods and custom E-Liquid blends.

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Strategic Global Investments, Inc. – STBV

Strategic Global Investments provides live streaming video content and related digital advertising via its websites and social media. The company’s online business is divided into the two segments—WaZillo, and WaZilloMedia—as summarized on the right.

The convergence of a number of key social, technical, and economic factors are driving the market and making this the right time for Strategic’s online solutions.

Video: There is no question that online video continues to boom. According to Internet audience measurement firm comScore Media Metrix, video watching now accounts for approximately one-eighth of Americans’ total time spent on the Internet.

Broadband: A key driver for streaming video has been broadband access, which has been rapidly adopted over the past ten years. More than 85% of all Americans now use broadband access from their homes.

Mobile Connectivity: The growth in mobile media usage is largely attributable to the growth in smartphone adoption, 3G/4G device ownership and the increasing ubiquity of unlimited data plans, all of which facilitate the consumption of mobile media.

Search: Online it’s easy to find information. Major search engines are among the most heavily trafficked sites on the Web. People are increasingly turning to the Web—and not solely search engines—as their source of information for making decisions of all types.

Immediacy: Sparked by Facebook and Twitter, the real-time trend represents the growing demand for immediacy in people’s activities and interactions. Immediacy is compelling, engaging, and highly addictive—it’s a sense of living in the now.

Demographics: Adults in their twenties and thirties are the most socially active age group. They like to go out to meet new people, socialize with their friends, people watch, and dance. In the U.S. 27% of the population is between the ages of twenty and forty—82.9 million people in total.

The expectation of real-time, on demand information is becoming a part of every aspect of people’s lives. Strategic Global Investments is positioned to benefit as people’s focus and purchasing dollars continue to shift to online resources.

Company Website;


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Liberated energy Inc – LIBE

Liberated Energy, Inc.’s initial objective is to make small wind and solar turbine technology a significant contributor to the global clean energy supply portfolio by providing consumers with an affordable renewable energy option for their homes and businesses.

  • Liberated’s patent pending technology should offer every homeowner the opportunity to generate the majority of his or her monthly electrical requirements.
  • Liberated’s technology will be more affordable than any existing wind and solar options currently available.
  • Because of Liberated’s innovative design, the turbine and housing will be aesthetically pleasing and will tie in with existing architecture.

Liberated Energy, Inc. has recently acquired Perpetual Wind Power Corporation (PWPC). PWPC has applied for a U.S. patent…Patent Application Serial No. 61/27,578 through Woodcock Washburn, a national law firm specializing in intellectual property law (www.woodcock.com).

Wind Energy Potential

  • According to the Department of Energy, wind power costs dropped by 80% between 1984 and 2004.
  • Current energy costs (coal, nuclear and natural gas) are projected to increase approximately 10% annually.
  • Wind power has no fuel costs and low or negligible costs for maintenance compared to current energy sources.
  • The main reason why the growth of wind power is lagging in the U.S. is not lack of demand, but lack of supply. There is no reason why the U.S. could not only make wind turbines for its own need, but become a wind turbine exporter, creating jobs.*

*Watson, John, Ehow.com, Cost Benefits Wind Energy.

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Readen Holding Corp – RHCO

Readen Holding Corp, a Venture Capital organisation,investor and shareholder of companies operating in hree separate industries. Readen Holding Corp. has access to an extensive, influential and loyal network of business relations and investors.

Readen Group’s mission statement is to be a valuable partner for customers in terms of technical flexibility, quality and competitive pricing through the complete value chain (SIM cards, mobile phones and applications).

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AppTech Corp. (APCX)

AppTech Corp. (APCX) is an information technology and financial services company.

With electronic payments at its core, the company offers an array of service lines to both business and consumer markets through its branded subsidiaries, Transcendent One and TransTech One.

Overall strategy is simple. Acquire merchant services and develop merchant services channels.

AppTech Corp has also developed a patented mobile technology strategy to succeed in the growing mobile payments industry.

Through its subsequent joint ventures and acquisitions, the company will complement its current product channels and continue its growth as a technology and finance leader.

The company is currently seeking capital between $5MM and $10MM to accomplish the following growth initiatives in the immediate future:

a) Increase merchant services production and bolster operations (including increased processing reserves)

b) Increase TransTech One Retail Service Center locations to support energy client contracts (authorized payments) and capture new regional markets for IT services and merchant services

c) Activate contracts at JV level and launch associated merchant services platforms

d) Launch and deploy patented mobile technologies with licensing model

e) Launch and market ecommerce products (i.e. ‘Credit Into Cash’ and other consumer and business payment products) APCX stock needs support between $2 and $4 per share as anagement executes the aforementioned growth initiatives. Within 12 months of completed $10MM financing, the company will attain a run rate of approximately $25MM per month, resulting in significant net earnings of 15% and reflect a stock price between $10 and $15 per share.

3 Months from Completed $2MM Financing

- Increased ACH processing reserves resulting in monthly revenue increase by over 15% per month

- 5 TransTech One Retail Service Centers opened and operating

- Launched mobile IP strategy with joint ventures into marketplace with products and licensing

- All registrations for market uplisting and audits in process if not already completed

6 Months from Completed $5MM Financing

- 15 TransTech One Retail Service Centers opened and operating resulting in $2.25MM per month in gross revenue

- Launched several ecommerce joint ventures resulting in increased processing revenue

- Continued growth and increased revenue from processing and IP licensing model

12 Months from Completed $10MM Financing

- 25 TransTech One Retail Service Centers opened and operating resulting in $3.75MM per month in gross revenue

- Acquisition of additional synergistic IP & operating companies already in development

- Release of additional software technologies already in development (consumer and business payment products)

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Medient Studios, Inc. (OTCQB: MDNT)

Medient Studios, Inc. (OTCQB: MDNT) is an entertainment content creation company with a strong presence in North America, Europe and India. Medient’s management team has approximately 150 years of experience in the motion picture industry and is responsible for producing and/or financing over 250 movies. Medient is realigning the content creation process to enable efficiencies of scale and eliminate process waste by building a fully integrated movie and game production facility and campus on a 1550 acre property in Effingham County, Georgia. Once operational this production facility will be the largest of its kind in the United States.

The Company has produced a broad spectrum of films across various genres. These include such films as “Bombay Boys”, a genre-defining Indie film that carried Indian cinema beyond the “song and dance” routine of Bollywood, and the award-winning Malayalam film “Aakshagopuram”, which was the first Indian film to be entirely produced outside of that country. The film, which bought together talent from India and the UK, set a new benchmark in East – West collaboration. “Storage 24″, a British horror film starring BAFTA award winner Noel Clarke was produced by Medient and released in 2012 by Universal Pictures.

Medient’s latest film, “Yellow”, is directed by Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook) and premiered to rave reviews and audience acclaim at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival (“TIFF”). Critic reviews from TIFF included “surreal imagination”…”bizarre parallel realities”…”wildly inventive”…and “a cinematic trip of mind-bending proportions”.

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Boreal Water Collection, Inc – BRWC

Boreal Water

Collection, Inc., a private label bottled water company, today announced that it has been uplistedfrom the Pinksheets to the OTCQB.
CEO Francine Lavoie stated, “The Company is extraordinarily excited about this demonstrated improvement in the market categorization of the company as it relates directly to the improvement in our level of financial and corporate disclosure. We have worked toward this for some time now, and this uplisting demonstrates our commitment to building a great company. Our current and future shareholders should all be very pleased with this development.” OTCQB companies must be registered with and reporting to the SEC or a U.S. regulatory agency. Approximately 4,000 companies are currently listed on the OTCQB.
The Company plans to build on its successful progression and will continue working towards meeting the listing requirements for trading on a stock exchange such as the NYSE Euronext or NASDAQ in the future.

About Boreal Water Collection, Inc.

Your brand our experience!
Boreal Water Collection is a personalized bottled water corporation, specialized in providing premium custom bottled water for your company and customers. Whether it is for publicity, promotion, marketing, internal use or a specific event, Boreal offers fully integrated turnkey service, with prize-winning Boreal private label water, made-to-order labeling, and distinctive water containers. Unlike other competitors, Boreal also has exclusive access to two pristine and abundant springs, one an award-winning source deep in the untouched wilds of Canada and the other in the prestigious Catskill Mountains in New York.
For more information on Boreal Water Collection, please contact us by emailing us at investors@borealwater.com, sales@borealwater.com or call investor relations at 1-917-929-9118 or follow us at www.borealwater.com and on the different social media sites such as www.facebook.com/privatelabelbottledwater and www.linkedin.com/in/borealwater

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Verde Media Group, INC

Verde Media Group Inc. is a publicly traded company listed on the OTC Markets trading under the symbol VMGI. It operates a managed media financing company with production, distribution, and development functions for film and television. The company also incorporates an Agency division managing multi-media, public relations and marketing functions for corporate clientele.

Market opportunity and background
Significant domestic and international interest in film, television and multi-media and the commercial opportunity it provides will leverage VMGI’s ability to reach maximum potential for its shareholders.

Global box office for all films released in each country around the world reached $34.7 billion in 2012, up 6% over 2011’s total, due to an increase in international box office ($23.9 billion) and U.S./Canada box office ($10.8 billion). All international regions with the exception of Europe experienced growth in 2012. Chinese box office ($2.7 billion) grew by 36% in 2012 to become the largest international market, surpassing Japan. International box office is up 32% over five years ago, driven by growth in various international markets, including China, Russia and Brazil. Over two-thirds of the world’s nearly 130,000 cinema screens are now digital.

More than two-thirds of the U.S./Canada population (68%) – or 225 million people – went to the movies at least once in 2012. In 2012, frequent moviegoers represented 13% of the population and 57% of all movie tickets, an increase of 7 percentage points in ticket share from the previous year. This suggests that the increase in ticket sales in 2012 was among moviegoers who increased their attendance from less than once a month, to once a month or more. This is expected to grow in the first two quarters of 2013.

Verde Media Groups business model differs from many other companies in the independent television production sector as it retains control and ownership of all of the rights in its programming beyond the first-run rights granted to the broadcaster. Traditionally, most independent television production companies have been forced to give up these rights to the broadcaster in order to secure distribution. The company enters into deals that allow significant control and ownership of all the rights to each project developed, produced, or distributed from the Companies library. These rights are valuable, as in addition to the revenues generated from the primary rights licensed to the broadcaster, the company is able to generate substantial additional revenue streams through exploitation of the ancillary and secondary rights in its programming brands.

Operational Strategy
The Company intends to build a library of Intellectual Property Rights (”IPR”) delivered in various formats, including digital download, DVD, broadcast television and mobile technology that will be fully exploited. The revenue from these libraries will offer a more predictable and timely revenue stream. The Company is well placed to take advantage of these opportunities and to capitalize on the growth that the industry is experiencing.

The Company utilizes proven cost effective business models to develop, produce and distribute and market properties that are budgeted between $3mm and $15mm.

The Company captures opportunities in the entire value chain of film and television creation by; (i) sourcing and evaluating prospective projects through a research-led investment process; and (ii) managing and structuring the production and distribution of such projects. In sourcing prospective projects the Company thoroughly evaluates the concepts, scripts, directors and cast in respect too current market data, tastes and trends. The Company then assesses the feasibility of the project in relation to budget, scope, timescales and the risks and rewards of each opportunity. Once the Board has approved a project, the Company seeks to retain full ownership of all rights relating to each project, although in certain situations the Company may invest in a project where it may not acquire all rights. Distribution and Marketing of the projects will be handled by using a low cost method of outsourcing and partnering for larger more capital intensive campaigns with reputable companies that Verde Media Group has co-production relationships with. Smaller campaigns will be handled in-house directly by the company through the Agency division.

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Vista International Technologies, Inc – VVIT

As a leader in renewable energy technology and engineering, Vista International Technologies, Inc. (formerly named as Nathaniel Energy Corporation) develops environmentally safe energy infrastructures that produce electricity, heat, and steam using its proprietary patented technology, the Thermal Gasifier™. The Thermal Gasifier’s™ gasification system converts waste, biomass, tires and other solid carbon based materials into electricity and thermal energy, while capturing the pollutants.

The Thermal Gasifier’s™ versatile technology has multiple applications with promising implications for the field of electricity generation, alternative fuels, sustainable development, landfill and waste cleanup.

Vista International Technologies, Inc. is committed to:
• Reducing the earth’s carbon footprint
• Reducing the use of fossil fuels
• Cleaning up problem waste and landfills
• Helping industries reduce energy costs through the conversion of waste into energy and valuable resources

For further information on Vista International Technologies contact: info@VITI.us.com

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ML Capital Group -MLCG

ML Capital Group, Inc .was formed in the State of Nevada in September 2009, to be a full service Consulting Firm. Their business consists of providing management , financial and strategic consulting designed to advance and improve an organization’s ability to conduct its business more effectively and with greater efficiency. They help their clients to build effective personnel teams, enhance their sales and marketing strategies, streamline their operations and maximize their profitability. They also work directly with senior corporate executives, helping them to maximize their personal skill set and effectiveness.

Industry Overview

Business consulting is a service that is always in demand. Savvy business owners and executives, Even when they are doing well, are continually looking for ways to improve their companies bottom lines.

The consulting industry is greatly diversified and covers many areas of commercial operations, finance and capital structuring. The following is but a sampling of the many areas address by business consultants.

  • Staffing
  • Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Marketing & Distribution
  • Sales
  • Corporate Development & Structuring
  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

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